Learning About The Types Of Golf Tees

The golf tee may seem small, but it plays a large part in the game of golf. With a golf tee, golfers can easily position and stabilize the ball before hitting it across the teeing ground. Due to that particular function, golf tees are pretty important to golfers today.

Golf tees weren’t always used. In the past, golfers use mounds of dirt or sand to successfully hit golf balls across the teeing ground. It wasn’t until the popularization of the Reddy Tee in the 1920s that the modern golf tee became widely used. Despite that, some golfers still used the tried and true mound of sand or dirt, though on most golf courses today, golfers use tees.

Since golf tees are pretty much here to stay, you should probably start shopping for some if you’re planning to golf soon. In fact, there’s a wide selection of golf tees that you can browse at the site, in addition to golfing goods to further your game.

The standard golf tee, which comprises most of the tees that you’ll find in your search, generally measure about 2 inches long. There are also longer and shorter tees available, mainly to accommodate golfers who need a different sized tee to complement their play. When you buy tees, you’re going to be buying them in bulk. Golf tees are often sold in packs, so you don’t have to worry about losing a tee.

When you search for golf tees, you also have to think about the types of golf tees available on the market. Of course, there are many designs and styles available; while some of those styles are purely aesthetic, others are designed to complement different styles of playing golf.

Golfers generally select the size of their tee based on their club’s length and, sometimes, the size of its attached driver. Irons generally need shorter tees, while thicker, oversized drivers need longer ones. The most common tees are wooden tees, making them the most cost effective for golfers who have a tendency to break their tees when in play. Plastic and/or rubber tees are a bit more durable, and best suit golfers who want more a semi-reusable tee when on the course.

Modern golf tees also come in the form of specialty tees, which usually possess more bells and whistles than standard tees. They usually assist and complement golfers with their swing when in play. The most common specialty tees naturally help golfers improve their overall performance.